Laser Treatment Versus IPL

Apr 5 '12

Laser Treatment Versus IPL

Do you know the difference between cosmetic laser treatment and IPL?

If your answer is NO! Don't worry. You're in good company as not many people outside our field of expertise do.

As the upward trend in cosmetic laser treatments and light-based technology in beauty clinics continues to rise, we are increasingly aware that many clients are confusing laser treatment with light-based treatments such as IPL.

The important thing to know about non-laser light-based systems, is that they are NOT NEARLY AS EFFECTIVE as lasers for many cosmetic procedures, so we felt our readers would benefit from a simple explanation about the differences between for example laser and IPL.

Laser treatment offers many advantages over traditional cosmetic beauty systems; however some clinics are riding on the back of the true laser based clinics such as ourselves, offering treatments they are promoting as laser treatments, when in fact they are simply light-based cosmetic treatments, with not a laser in sight!

Visit our Technology page to read about how cosmetic laser treatment technology works and how it compares with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment and other light-based cosmetic systems and treatments. But, before you go may we remind you that:


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