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SHELLY says: “The treatment was pain-free. All I could feel was a tiny flutter in my stomach where the pads were penetrating deep into my fat cells – but that was it.

My husband Darren can’t believe how different I look.

He’s really impressed and has been massively complimentary about my new-found svelte figure.

I did the eight recommended sessions in four weeks and I have lost 11lbs.

“I feel fantastic and haven’t been this size since before the kids. The only negative is I can’t fit in any of my old clothes!”

alex-reid strawberry laser lipo endorsement


Shelly’s Results with Strawberry Laser Lipo

  • Weight at start: 10st 10lb Waist: 33in Middle (across belly): 36.6in Hips: 37.4in
  • After just one session: Waist: 31.6in Middle Abdomen: 34in Hips: 36.3in
  • After eight sessions: Waist: 28.6in Middle Abdomen: 29.3in Hips: 33.5in
  • Weight at end: 9st 13lb Waist loss: 4.4in Middle Loss: 7.3in Hips loss: 3.9in

Celebrity endorsement

Alex Reid – 3rd August 2011

“Just tried out the ‘STRAWBERRY’ Laser Lipo… 1st treatment lost 5.3 inches over 2 areas!”

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    “I‘m a converted cynic. This is amazing and I haven’t put the inches back, despite doing no exercise.”

    RED magazine – 9th September 2009

“Dear Sue I felt compelled to write to you and thank you for helping me get my weight problems under control, which at the age of 38 was a real problem and was starting to affect my self esteem and overall confidence.

As you know I had been through 2 major operations which had left an unsightly scar which due to weight gain had manifested into a ledge like scar. Due to the nature of the operations exercises like sit ups would normally be carried out to flatten the stomach muscles were far too painful for me to do.

I have tried many different diets in the past which have lead to weight loss but never to the ledge like scar reducing in size. I found out about your Laser Lipo Treatment via a friend of mine and after much debate with my husband we decided that I should explore using the treatment even though it sounded too good to be true. I visited your salon for a consultation and you made me feel confident about proceeding and was pleasantly surprised to have seen dramatic changes in my measurements during the free 45 minute trial.

Since then you have encouraged and motivated me to not only carry on with the treatment but to stick to my diet and exercise regimes which combined have had a fantastic effect on my body shape. I have not felt this good about myself for a very long time and the impact that this experience has had on my life in general has been immeasurable!

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends and family and once again thank you for helping me to change my life.

Best Wishes – Linda – 14th September 2011″

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