Tattoo as art - or tart - you decide!


Thanks to advanced laser technology you no longer have to live with a past tattoo decision that you now regret, such as a name or design that represents the past and no longer reflects who you are now - for personal, social or professional reasons


With the availability of the latest laser technology for cosmetic beauty procedures, many people are now removing their old tattoos for personal, social, and professional reasons. Whilst other tattoo removal methods exist, the most advanced and effective method of removing a tattoo today is laser tattoo removal.

With laser tattoo removal you could be just 5 to 15 treatments away from getting rid of that tattoo!

It’s estimated that 17% of tattoo owners regret having ever got a tattoo in the first place and would prefer not to have to live with the tattoo any longer. The good news is you no longer have to live with past tattoo regrets; the top 3 of which are:

  • Your ex may be long gone but his / her name lingers on your tattoo and is a daily reminder of the past
  • You were young when you got it but now you’d rather not have to live with your early mistakes
  • You liked your tattoo once but fashions change and you no longer like the way it looks or want a change

More reasons for wanting to get rid of a tattoo

  • Not being able to get your dream job if you have a visible tattoo
  • Discrimination from others simply because you have a tattoo, no matter how artistic

Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective method of removing unwanted tattoos


Laser tattoo removal has come a long way over the last 30 years and is now considered the safest, most effective method of removing unwanted tattoos with the lowest risk of scarring in comparison with other methods.

With the latest laser technology, even large tattoos are removed quickly and safely, with less sessions required.

Laser Treatments UK has invested heavily in the latest, most advanced laser technology available today. Switched pulse lasers are preferred for tattoo removal. We use the Q-switched Nd YAG (invisible light) laser which offers two wavelengths for maximum colour coverage.

More information on how the laser tattoo removal process works and how it compares with other tattoo removal methods can be found on our laser tattoo removal process page page and also on our laser tattoo removal FAQ page.
A case study can be found on our Before & After laser tattoo removal page.


Laser tattoo removal before a coverup tattoo

Laser tattoo removal can be used to fade an existing tattoo just enough for a new design to be created on top of the original tattoo without the old one showing through.

If you want a full tattoo removal or a reduction of an existing tattoo allowing for a better cover-up, we can help. We offer a free pre-treatment consultation to give you a better understanding of what is achievable.

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