Not all birthmarks are considered beauty spots...


Lasers have made a significant impact on the treatment of birthmarks and port-wine stains whilst not causing any damage to the overlying skin, improving the life of thousands of sufferers who now no longer have to hide behind makeup.


Vascular birthmarks are a distressingly common disfigurement. A birthmark (naevus flammeus) is a vascular pigmentation caused by both superficial and deep broken capillaries in the skin that show as a wine red skin discolouration.

laser birthmark treatment

Distinguished from pigmented birthmarks by their red colour (caused by underlying blood flow), red vascular birthmarks are often called port wine stains.

Pigmented birthmarks such “cafe-au-lait” brown spots are due to an increased number of pigment producing cells called melanocytes that reside deep with the skin (dermis).

Stains that appear flat and pink in childhood may deepen to a deep red or purplish colour with some thickening of the skin or small lumps in adulthood.

By destroying the vascular capillaries without significant damage to the overlying skin, lasers have made a significant impact on the treatment of birthmarks or port-wine stains.

Laser light is very effective at removing birthmarks

Depending on the type of birthmark being treated, 4 to 10 treatments given at one monthly intervals are known to give the best results for reducing birthmarks.

Laser skin treatment is also very effective at removing pigment (brown spots, sun spots, age spots, “liver spots”) and photo-damage (dry skin & wrinkles) caused by the sun.

Advanced exfoliative laser skin treatments strip away not just the superficial pigment, but also remove deep pigment with less recovery time than conventional treatments.

Laser skin treatment can also remove broken blood vessels, red spots and Rosacea on the face and legs. It is also the treatment of choice for larger broken blood vessels and leg veins. Read more on our spider vein treatment page.

Suitability for laser birthmark removal

Laser Treatments offer a FREE initial consultation to assess patient suitability for laser birthmark removal.

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