Everyone gets facial lines and wrinkles as they age. Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of the natural collagen support layer of your skin. Here we hope to answer your most common questions about laser anti-wrinkle treatment.



Q1. What causes facial lines and wrinkles?
a1. Everyone gets facial lines and wrinkles as they age. Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of the natural collagen support layer of your skin. This layer, which lies just beneath your skin, is affected by external factors such as sun damage and environmental exposure. Internal conditions including the body’s natural aging process also affect this layer.

Q2. Is laser anti-wrinkle treatment safe?
A2. Laser treatment is simple and safe. The lasers are non-invasive and do not burn or cut your skin in any way. We use the latest most advanced lasers

Q3. How does laser anti-wrinkle treatment work?
A3. Laser anti-wrinkle treatment is a non-surgical face lift. Our advanced laser technology helps to create firmer tighter skin by heating the underlying layers in the skin and forming new collagen resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin. Only the skin beneath the surface is affected by the laser. The final result is firmer skin, more defined facial contours and a more youthful appearance.

Q4. How effective is laser anti-wrinkle treatment?
A4. Laser anti-wrinkle treatment provides multiple benefits including skin tightening, a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in skin tone and texture, decrease in pore size and a more plump appearance to the skin.

Q5. What are the long term benefits of laser anti-wrinkle treatment?
A5. Laser treatment can induce collagen formation in the dermal skin layer to create new collagen-rich plump looking skin and tighten sagging or drooping skin in a way that no cosmetic skincare products can.
Once the collagen in the skin is heated to a temperature above 60 degrees centigrade, it contracts and tightens. Ageing collagen strands are looser and less dense than “young” collagen. Laser treatment causes immediate skin tightening as well as improved tone and texture. New collagen growth will continue for four to six months post treatment.

Q6. Does laser anti-wrinkle treatment hurt?
A6. During laser anti-wrinkle treatment many patients experience no discomfort at all whilst some report feeling a mild level of discomfort similar to the feel of a rubber band being snapped against the skin.

Q7. How long does laser anti-wrinkle treatment take?
A7. Treatment time is dependent on whether face only or both face and neck are being treated at the same time, but typically less than an hour is required per session, so can be easily fitted into your lunch hour!. While improvement may be seen in a single session, several treatments will be needed for optimum results.

Q8. How many laser anti-wrinkle treatments are required?
A8. A treatment programme of 4-6 laser anti-wrinkle treatments spaced approximately 4 weeks apart is recommended to optimum results and in most cases will produce a significant increase in dermal collagen, remodeling of dermal matrix components, and a resulting improvement in overall skin tone and vitality.

Q9. How quickly will I see results?
A9. Some improvement can be seen following the very first treatment. Maximum results are seen about 90 days after the last laser anti-wrinkle treatment.

Q10. How long does recovery take?
A10. The treatment is non-invasive with no external injury to the skin and virtually no recovery time necessary. You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment e.g. return to work or reapply makeup immediately following the procedure. The full face and neck can be treated in just one hour.

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